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INDUSTRIAS  GRÁFICAS TERRER, S.A., is a service-minded company which has constantly striven to meet its customers’ expectations right from the outset. As part of this approach, it earned ISO 9001 certification in 2007. INDUSTRIAS GRÁFICAS TERRER, S.A. , S.A.’s business strategy is to move towards total quality so as to stand out in its industry and build customer loyalty and satisfaction through continuous improvement of the company. To achieve this, we have drawn up our QUALITY POLICY setting out the following guidelines which we undertake to fulfil:

  • INDUSTRIAS GRÁFICAS TERRER, S.A.’s main goal is to constantly increase the satisfaction of its customers by delivering products and services which meet their needs and abide by requirements.
  • Comply with legislation and regulations in our operations.
  • Engage with our suppliers and subcontractors at all levels by requiring them to consistently improve quality and service.
  • Continuously step up safety measures, working conditions, training and promotion for our staff.
  • Our Quality Management System has the full backing of our management team which is committed to its seamless operation and to fostering ownership and teamwork to accomplish our targets and steadily enhance the system’s effectiveness.
  • Act in an ethically responsible manner towards all stakeholders (society, customers, suppliers and employees).

Argentona, September 13, 2018

We work with FSC-approved suppliers.
We operate the HHS cross-contamination control system.

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